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This site has one major aim: to help you see the kind of movie you want to watch!

Really? There are millions of movies out there, what's the problem?

The problem is that you don't want to watch most of those movies, at least if you are anything like the thousands of people we have talked to and the millions that watched The King's Speech, Midnight In Paris, and The Artist.

So if you're tired of empty superheroes, mindless gangsters, bloody zombies and schlocky horror and want something that flatters your intelligence - as well as other parts of your being - then this site is for you, whether you're a watcher or maker of movies:

  • Movie lovers can come and watch high quality films of wit and charm, whether they are complete shorts or short webisodes from features or series.
  • Movie makers will find
    • audio & video interviews with experienced film-makers talking about problems they have solved (coming soon!)
    • blogs with techniques, tips and insights to help solve problems creatively and quickly (& cheaply)
    • products at good prices to help make better movies for less
    • services like low-cost previsualization & script doctoring
    • a place to show your movies that aims to bring you a large audience & if possible some revenue
    • money! You're kidding, right? No, we really want you to find the money to make your movie and then make money afterwards.
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