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Jul 4, 2012

Blackmagic Cinema Camera has a lot of buzz about it at NAB. ( - please insert in the )

It is an ugly blob, but seems to do amazing things for the price - 12 bit is very appealing and Ithink they are right to go for HDR & bit depth. Given my recent experience, one really needs to slightly under-expose in order to avoid burn-out (other digital DoPs seem to agree) and therefore that means I think using the grade to lift the shadow detail (hence 13 stops and more being so vital, and the lowlights 
not being noisy). 
As well as 'A stylish machined aluminum design, capped with a smooth rubber front and rear for easy grip, plus a rear facing touchscreen for easy metadata entry, the Black Magic cine cam boasts standard connections. Compatibility is always an important issue for low budget film making. the last thing you want is to have to worry about how your connections fit together when you buy a new piece of kit. Cutting down on extra connection is not more economical, but it also negates the need for carrying extra leads which can be a headache when you're out in the field and also time consuming. 

Additional features include fast meta data entry and recognition, which speeds up post production as most software recognises meta data now, a very handy add on. Last but certainly not least I particularly like that the Blackmagic uses standard file formats, clearly geared to hit the ground running, this is a very attractive camera that seems to have it all.... and all for a nice price tag too!

For even greater compatibility you can also choose 1080HD recording into ProRes and DNxHD compressed video formats. Blackmagic Cinema Camera is the only camera to support purely open file formats!

taken from blackmagic description - Da Vinci

Blackmagic UltraScope provides technically accurate waveform monitoring with a beautifully designed computer interface. Connect Blackmagic Cinema Camera to any computer using Thunderbolt technology to display 6 live scope views on a single monitor! Use UltraScope on set or in any location for Parade, Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram signal measurement. UltraScope includes picture view, audio level and phase monitoring!


- The ultrascope is much higher resolution - smaller parts of the frame (say, a streetlight in the background or a specular highlight on a face) can be very difficult to see on the Resolve scopes, or may not appear at all.

- The ultrascope refreshes much more rapidly, so you can watch a shot play in real-time and see the scope move in real-time, which can be helpful for moving lighting effects, strobe flashes, etc...

- The Resolve scopes take up a significant amount of resources which seems to impair performance. I tend to work with the Resolve scopes while doing R3D without a rocket card... it definitely slows things down.

They don't recommend using the Ultrascope on the same machine as Resolve itself, possibly others have attempted it but I would just consider an old $400 HP workstation part of the cost of the ultrascope... 

Admittedly there is a price difference, but unless a scope offers a YRGB parade, it is of limited value to color grade. RGB-only does not and cannot give any sense of the derived Luminance (Y') value. Admittedly there is a price difference, but unless a scope offers a YRGB parade, it is of limited value to color grade. RGB-only does not and cannot give any sense of the derived Luminance (Y') value. If you cannot see and measure your absolute white/black point, this pretty much overrides any of the economies of non-real-time, sampled software scopes. Also, very, very few software scopes can offer accurate Y+C legal gamut evaluation.

I am surprised that Resolve does not have better internal numeric/waveform/vector display, since it was daVinci (the original manufacturer) who was militant about getting measurement right, and providing as much data to an operator as possible. Trainers like Bruce Graham starting hammering this into trainees on Day One if you were on one of his courses at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (and that was 18 years ago this month, for me.) - discussion about ultrascope

See an other review at Gizmag:
Jul 4, 2012

'Anyone who finds endings easy is either a genius or a sadist' So said Osbert Wilde, Oscar’s little known younger brother. If endings were easy then fewer movies would fail at the box office and script-writing would be less of a headache, with fewer abandoned for want of a convincing denouement, to say nothing of unconvincing stories.

There is no magic potion to fix movie endings (if there were and I knew how to make it, I wouldn’t be writing this blog - I would be sitting on my island in the Bahamas

Jul 4, 2012

Hi Welcome to

We hope you like our selection of kit to help you make fantastic micro budget movies

This is our test of putting a camera on a helicopter.

GH2 - helicopter test shots from Julian Darley on Vimeo.

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